Meet Dr. Tian (Dr. 10)

Shan Tian, proudly an American citizen, was born in Beijing, China. Her father was a famous professor, her mother was a hospital administrator, and her sister is an endocrinology medical doctor.

Trained as a registered nurse, Dr. Tian  worked in multiple fields in China and the U.S. Her U.S. nursing experience was at Riverview Regional Medical Center in Emergency and in Surgery.

With over twenty years of patient experience, Dr. Tian realized that most patients do not need drugs or surgery for optimal health. At that time, Dr. 10 began her long years of chiropractic school at Sherman School of Chiropractic.

Dr. 10 is married to Max Sanders, M.D., a medical doctor in Gadsden, Alabama. She has two sons, and lots of puppies, cats, ducks, and geese.

Dr. 10 loves to cook, travel, and most of all, she loves her patients. Her patients love her, and show it every day!

Dr. 10 with Patient

Dr. Shan Tian